The Value of Martial Arts

George Iancu

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


The values of martial arts extend far past the vail of fighting systems; at least that is my personal belief. I value all that I have learned from various instructors, masters of the arts and fellow practitioners, and incorporate this valuable knowledge into a system that not only works for me, but believe to be highly valuable in real-world threats and personal development.

My experience began in traditional Chinese martial arts, Northern Praying Mantis (Shandong Praying Mantis) in 1985. Its structure, discipline, and unique style of fighting developed in me with a certain sense on curiosity to explore this art’s fighting style adaptability with other arts and fighting philosophies. In 1996 I began learning Shinkendo, which helped me understand the need to develop empty hand fighting techniques and align them with edged weapons, by making the weapons an extension of my body and mind. Both arts helped me greatly in my next transition in military combat training. MCMAP training became the next chapter of my life and combined my previously encountered styles of fighting. This chapter of my life also became transformative, realizing real world applications of what I’ve previously learned; not just in techniques of fighting but in the psychological awareness in dealing with violent situations.

In recent years, I encountered an amazing instructor of Filipino martial arts, Tom Gallo. The methodology behind the way he trained me, aligned perfectly with mine -my training must have real world applications where any age, body type or physical disability are of no consequence towards the end goal. I became an apprentice instructor for knife combat and defense under Tom Gallo’s TACTICS system and will continuously pursue to master this system. However, mastering a system of fight will never be my end goal – I will always be a student of the fighting arts in pursuit of combing all that the world has to offer.