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Mixed Martial Arts

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4 Classes of your choice

Our MMA Program consists of several different classes to give you a complete training experience!

Kickboxing gives you stand-up skills with explosive combinations.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gives you the ultimate ground work.

Combative Throws gives you an extra edge in taking an opponent / attacker off their feet.

HIIT KB developes stamina, endorance and your core plus many other benefits while working Kickboxing drills.

Kyusho gives you the edge that no other has.

H2H gives you hand quickness. (workshop)

Combative Locks gives you the flow from one lock to another. 

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 Kali, CQT, KMA, 
Knife Defense, H2H, HIIT, Kickboxing,
Self Defense

KMA or FMA Programs

3 Classes for $25.00​​

​Little Ones ages 5 - 7
Children ages 8 - 12
Teens ages 13 - 17
Adults ages 18 +